The Furniture House Group offers independent Retailers the opportunity to become part of a progressive successful family-orientated furniture group. We have developed a good relationship with major suppliers and pride ourselves on a good mix of locally made and imported lines.

To compliment our furniture side we are in the process of Developing our Bedding concept ” Sleep Gallery” in partnership with an Australian owned family manufacturer Comfort Sleep Bedding and Slumbercare.

Our partnership with Comfort Sleep Bedding and Slumbercare ensures that our customers will get a great night’s sleep with our range of comfortable, award-winning beds.

We also offer the best range of commercial mattresses in the marketplace and if you have ever slept in one of Australia’s top luxury hotels then chances are you’ve already slept on a Comfort Sleep bed.


What Membership Gets You

  • Buying Power
  • Private Furniture Exhibitions
  • Marketing
  • Monthly Rebates on purchases
  • Group importing
  • Individualized Flyers
  • Exclusive Products
  • Retail Support
  • Catalogues
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Assistance with TV Campaigns
  • More Competitive

All while remaining completely independent

Our group is based on a co-operative and all members are equal share holders in the company. Members in the Furniture House Group Pty Ltd all have the opportunity at any time to put there ideas forward and these ideas will be presented to members for a majority approval. Members may have regional requirements that differ from other regions and these requirements would be in these instances subject only to the approval of members specific to your region. Our membership fees are among the lowest of any group and our rebate scheme ensures that members who use our preferred suppliers will in most cases find that the rebate will exceed their membership fees.

Furniture House Group was established as a separate group in 1998 and was formed to assist retailers without taking away any of their independence. The group is still reasonably young but has made enormous growth largely due to an ability to listen to the needs of the membership and address those needs whenever possible. We also have a buying committee who has the final say on selected products and once again any member is more than welcome to participate on the buying committee. In other words as a member you have the right to do as much or as little as best suits your personal situation while still being entitled to all member benefits.

Request a Callback

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