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Welcome to the Furniture House Group.
“Our aim is to offer customers affordable furniture without sacrificing the quality.”

The Company was formed over 35 years ago and was known within the industry simply as the A.B.C. Buying Group (Alliance Buying Co Ltd). The company offered catalogue advertising on a cooperative basis for independent retailers throughout Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

From the experienced gained during the early years it was felt that it was time for a new look a new name.

On the 1st of May 1998 a new company was formed with a new logo and colour scheme  and registered as the “Furniture House Group Pty Ltd”.

The Furniture House Group is over seen by a Board of Directors made up of current Members. The role of the Directors is to oversee and work  closely with management ensuring that our membership is always properly represented.


The groups aim is to combine independent furniture retailers together on a cooperative buying, advertising, marketing and corporate identity basis.

Being part of a Buying Group gives our Retailers the opportunity to buy better and become more competitive without losing any of their individuality.

This approach to marketing translates to a better buying experience for our retailers customers.

Our stores are primarily country stores of which a complete location list is available on this website.

Please feel free to contact any of our members directly as they are always willing to share their experience and knowledge.

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